July 17, 2024

Purple softness: the joy of one, the sadness of the other

Purple softness: the joy of one, the sadness of the other

Purple prosperity is a feast for the eyes. If you take a closer look at the slender perennial with its long flowers, you will see how beautiful it is and picks up the small pink flowers. These can now be seen in nature, especially in wet locations such as the banks of rivers and lakes.

And it’s not just people who look forward to the blooming violet flower. This plant is native to Switzerland and therefore provides food and shelter for insects and other small animals.

But this is not the case everywhere. While conservationists in this country try to put an end to invasive plants like the Canadian golden bug or glandular balsam, there are of course such exotic plants on other continents that reproduce uncontrollably and can take over entire swaths of land. One such invasive species in North America is the purple mollusk.

Like Canadian sites invadingspecies.com And the invasivespeciescentre.ca Writing, loose purple was introduced to North America in the nineteenth century. On the one hand, its seeds walked with them in European soil, where settlers from the ancient world, on the other hand, consciously cultivated it as an ornamental plant in gardens.

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