November 28, 2023

Pucha massacre - US and Great Britain demand withdrawal of Russia from UN Human Rights Council

Pucha massacre – US and Great Britain demand withdrawal of Russia from UN Human Rights Council

United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. (dpa / Salvatore di Nolfi)

US Ambassador to the UN Thomas Greenfield wrote on Twitter that a member of the Human Rights Council could not be allowed to undermine its policies. British Foreign Secretary Truss supported the move. Both states hope to achieve the required two-thirds majority in the UN General Assembly. Russia’s suspension, which has again denied all allegations, is still being voted on this week.

The United States wants to gather evidence against Russia

The U.S. government has said it will gather evidence to bring Russia and its president, Putin, before an international tribunal or tribunal. Russia has again denied the allegations. Ukrainian President Zhelensky announced on video that he would discuss the issue at a UN Security Council meeting in New York today.

Melnick asks Steinmeier for help

Melnik, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, again called for greater commitment from the federal government. Melnyk told Deutschlandfunk that Berlin should learn the lessons from the Putsche massacre and finally take action. Barriers must be tightened and heavy weapons such as tanks must be provided. Melnyk stressed that it was not possible to launch a counter-attack to liberate areas occupied by rocket-propelled grenades.

Van der Leyen and Borel travel to Kiev

As a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, European Commission President Van der Leyen is visiting Kiev this week to meet with Ukrainian President Zhelensky. His spokesman said he would be accompanied by EU foreign policy chief Borel.

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This news was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on 04/05/2022.

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