May 23, 2024

PS5 BUY: Playstation 5: New model discovered in stores

PS5 BUY: Playstation 5: New model discovered in stores

like a magazine chip He writes, Amazon has it back for a short time PlayStation 5 Offer available. The unit was clearly very limited in addition to the restrictions imposed on major customers. A few minutes after the event started it was PS5 sold out again. Next writes it permits It is quite conceivable that more units PlayStation 5 It becomes available on Amazon. If you want to get Playstation5, you should visit the promotions page of online retailer iKeep an eye on it.

As the operator of the Twitter channel “ps5botde” notes on, the sentence recently added to the product pages is an indication that the PS5 (Buy Now) sale on shouldn’t be long in coming. In the previous sales campaign, the online retailer switched the notification directly the night before – the consoles could finally be ordered the next morning.

It falls on Saturdays and Sundays PS5 sale At least in the big online stores.

As the magazine writes, buyers can currently trade in their old PS4 at the retailer Expert in order to get coupons for a new console or other products. Even if the PlayStation 5 kiosk is now sold out in all German stores, the exchange campaign conducted by Expert in cooperation with myswooop may be of interest to many players: customers can trade their old PlayStation 4 (with a console) in participating specialized stores in order to receive coupons for a console New controllers, PS5 accessories, or other products from the Expert range.

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as play3. He writes, a revised model of the PS5 has been discovered in Australia. It comes with a new mount screw and should be 300g lighter.