June 21, 2024

Protest against tourists: Majorca families occupy its beaches

Tourism in Mallorca has been a source of discussion for a long time. Local residents are increasingly resistant to the masses of visitors. And now they’re resorting to a new way to do it: they’re filling their own beaches!

Photos of the event are circulating online under the hashtag “Ocupem Les Nostres Platges” (German: “We occupy our beaches”). Many media outlets also talked about this.

Behind the professions stands the “Mallorca Platja Tour” group, which she called for on X, previously Twitter. Residents are supposed to fill the beaches in protest against mass tourism. The group stresses that they are protesting peacefully.

“We will simply go swimming to show that the beaches belong to everyone,” the group said.

Protests against mass tourism are currently increasing. About a week ago, thousands of local residents took to the streets. They fear that Mallorca will be destroyed by guests.

Then the media talked about a “historic” protest. It was one of the largest gatherings in Mallorca’s history.

Mallorca’s mayor, Jaime Martinez, later announced that he wanted to take the necessary measures. Among other things, he wants to ban rental cars from entering the city center. In addition, cruise ship passengers must pay about twice the fee.

There are also other measures targeting private property owners and hotel or restaurant owners.