July 14, 2024

Promotion: hair thinning, hair loss and damaged hair structure

Promotion: hair thinning, hair loss and damaged hair structure

Hair progresses too
Like our bodies, hair also undergoes the aging process. Environmental influences, hormone levels, stress, and poor nutrition can lead to premature hair aging, hair loss and thinning. Every day, hair is exposed to various environmental influences such as air pollution, chemical treatments and improper care. The consequences are hair fiber splitting, light to severe hair loss, and dull, dull, or difficult-to-comben hair.

Analysis and advice
Beautiful hair and a healthy scalp need proper care. It is advisable to pay special attention to the care of the scalp and hair. It is difficult to see signs of primary hair loss or damaged hair structure with the naked eye. Using the analyzer, which is used in dermatological practices around the world, these deficiencies can be easily recorded. Thanks to the powerful magnification, the scalp and hair structure can be made visible and can be clearly interpreted with a printed image. Such a hair analysis will be presented at the Sternen Apotheke in Altstätten from October 21 to 29. Depending on the results, targeted measures such as improved care, therapy or even a biologic such as Pantogar® may be recommended for long-term improvement.

Hair loss is different from hair loss
The problem of hair loss can have a variety of causes: hormonal changes such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, diseases such as influenza or metabolic disorders, taking medications, stress or poor diet. Pantogar® is a highly effective hair treatment for diffuse hair loss and structural damage. With a balanced blend of amino acids, proteins and B vitamins, Pantogar provides hair with the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and the formation of a durable and resilient structure through the cellular metabolism process. In October, Sternen Apotheke is offering 20% ​​off the purchase of a 3-month Pantogar® treatment package.

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Healthy scalp – beautiful full hair
“Healthy hair grows on a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil.” This quote from René Furterer shows that scalp health is paramount. This is the only way healthy and full hair can grow. “Get ready, wash and take careA unique natural care ritual that can be individually customized to every hair needs. The ‘Preparation’ step consists of a stimulating or soothing scalp treatment. The second ‘Washing’ is done with shampoo, which is specially designed to meet the specific needs of the scalp and hair. The third step guarantees “Care” deep repair of hair and scalp.For the first time, both women and men experience a unique sensory experience with natural care and specially formulated.During the week of hair advice, you can easily learn about René Furterer products and benefit from 20% off on two or more products.

Test and benefit
An appointment for a consultation with a scalp and hair analysis is required from October 21 to 29. Hair and scalp are visually examined and documented. who – which The result is the basis for recommending appropriate care products and/or taking a nutrient treatment. Reassessment is recommended after about three to six months. The cost of the scalp and hair analysis is 25.00 Swiss francs.

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