Professional soccer player flies off the field – and falls in love with the referee

Jeff Hardfield sneaks off the field after being sent off – only to meet the woman of his dreams moments later.BILD: IMAGO / Pro . Shots

Some get to know each other when out and about, others on the Internet. And then there are couples who meet at work — like Jeff Hardeveld and Shona Shukrula. Your love story begins with curiosity.

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New Year’s Eve is not just the transition from the old year to the new one. The event is also often used to get the job done. YB players Christian Fassnacht and David von Ballmoos are engaged to their partner these days.

A football couple found each other in Holland. Where love in this case is extraordinary. Because the man kicked professionally and the woman ruled.

Shona Shkrulla has been a referee since 2009 and a FIFA referee since 2017.

Jeff Hardiefeld is a left-back for Dutch second-division club FC Emmen. Mid-August, the season was still young, He and his team met with FC Eindhoven in the second round on their home soil. It was Friday the 13th – and Hardyfield seemed to have bad luck in his cleats.

Love at first sight

At first, Emmen netted 0:1 a few minutes before the final whistle and then sent Hardyfield off the field in injury time due to the emergency brake. Defeat the red card – used day.

Until 26-year-old Jeff Hardifield passes in front of the fourth official as he walks off the field: Shauna Shkrola. For a professional soccer player, it is According to Telegraph. Famous love at first sight.

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And that look is returned. The 30-year-old footballer and referee became a couple. On New Year’s Day, Shkrula, a full-time prosecutor, calls an Instagram posting official.

Congratulations from the association

The special relationship is not a problem for the KNVB. Opposite to Algemmain Dagblad The association announced, however, that Shkrula would no longer be a referee in her friend’s matches. “That’s the only thing,” said the jury chair. “For us, their relationship is not a problem at all. We wish you all the best in the world.”

According to Algemeen Dagblad, the game in which Hardeveld saw the red card was the only one in which Shukrula also participated.

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