July 15, 2024

Professional player from Canada for TG Neuss Tigers

Professional player from Canada for TG Neuss Tigers

The Tigers’ Division II basketball team is in the midst of roster planning. The new signing from North America should help the young team improve quickly.

After last season, which almost ended in relegation due to major personnel problems, the managers of the second division basketball team TG Neuss Tigers took the initiative to set the course early in order to add a team of both quality and quantity. Strong. Coach Rufin Kendall and his teammates can now reap the first fruits. Fixed filling a professional position, 24-year-old Canadian Brooklyn McAleer-Fanus is expected to begin preparations with the team in early/mid-August in Kurienstadt.

“The contact was through an agent. But I’ve talked to her several times on my cell phone and I can tell she’s very open-minded and loves basketball,” explains coach Rufin Kendall, whose athleticism is also important. The Canadian is listed as a point guard on her profile, but Kendall sees her as a flexible player who can defend well. “Plus, she can score herself but also makes sure her teammates get better,” the TG coach insists. He plays a key role in the team’s planning for the News team, which will once again rely on many young players. Planning is currently in full swing and all the individual details have yet to be ironed out, but four names show where the path is headed. Just like last season, Jule Schilling and Johanna Huppertz, who are currently on the road with the U16 national team in France, feature in the Youth Bundesliga (WNBL). In addition, the talented Marija Ilic (born 2007) is stepping up, and Nafi Diao, who played for Neus in his youth, returns to DG from Rohndorf. He needs to play in the WMBL and gain experience in the 2nd Bundesliga. Other personal details should be ironed out in the coming days. It seems likely that the second professional position will be occupied again. “We are in promising negotiations,” says Rubin Kendall. Not a bad prospect for the season, which takes place over the weekend of 24./25. September begins.

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