June 21, 2024

Professional golfer Tiger Woods rejects LIV Series bid

Professional golfer Tiger Woods rejects LIV Series bid

DrA frivolous show has a number, decency has a face. A few weeks ago, Greg Norman, CEO of the Saudi Arabia-funded Gulf Championship Series LIV, described the bid to buy Tiger Woods as “absolutely outrageous” and “insanely high,” a high nine-digit dollar amount. But Woods, who has not always done well in his life, has become a sports icon in his life thanks to his golf skills and the fact that he led the world rankings for 683 weeks, longer than anyone else, refused.

Woods doesn’t want to be the frontrunner for the Saudis in washing up sports on drives and greens and in television broadcasts and sports pages. Norman has now translated the nine jobs Woods wasn’t available to into numbers: $700 to $800 million, and €686 to €784 million, he confirmed in a TV interview in the US on Monday. The inappropriate offer fits with the logic of considering everything in the world for sale.

After all, professionals like Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau were allowed to be harnessed in the monarchy’s cart for unjustifiable sums of money with their golf skills, for which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has called for a thorough modernization – the man who has seized power since The oil-hungry world has long courted him for a long time in the Riyadh regime, but his connection to the assassination of critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi will not be forgotten.

Woods hasn’t said a word public about any of this. Perhaps on a particularly good day he will add another win to his fifteen. He won’t be able to gain more respect than he deserves for his position.

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