May 21, 2024

Private lobby. US influencers block impending ban on Tiktok.

Influencers are Tiktok’s last hope.


TikTok you get in Washington. Now influencers are supposed to stop the aging government in the US Congress from blocking the Chinese video app.

Things are getting serious for Tiktok this week. CEO Xu Ziqiu will testify before the US House of Representatives Committee on Thursday. Chew is likely to be shot at the hearing. Tiktok has a few friends in Congress, and efforts to legally ban the Chinese app are progressing.

So Tiktok is based on applying pressure. It spent about $13.5 million on it last year, apparently without any wow success. So, instead of lawyers or doctors, a new type of lobbyist is supposed to keep reputation and business: influencers.

Mr. Creator goes to Washington

Roughly a dozen Tiktok “creators,” as all the social media companies like to call their most popular users, will be making their presence felt in Washington at the company’s expense. They’re supposed to hold a media conference at the Capitol on Wednesday, mentioned Politico.

It remains to be seen to what extent altruists can directly influence MPs, who are already significantly older. Above all, though, Tiktok hopes to be able to win the public at least partially on its side.

In the US alone, Tiktok now has nearly 150 million users, nearly half of the population, according to NBC News. mentioned. Tiktok is no longer just an app for teenagers, although the average age is still much lower than the average population.

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Politically sensitive to the Democrats

This could complicate banning Tiktok, especially for President Biden and his Democrats. Young people are more likely to vote democratically, and telling a 19-year-old college student that her favorite app has been banned to protect her from Chinese communist spying and propaganda is likely to be met with little sympathy.

So even though there is a broad consensus against Tiktok in the US political class, all is not lost on the Chinese provider. If influencers can then explain the contribution that the latest Tiktok trend makes to GDP, the app can save itself again.