February 24, 2024

Princess Latifa calls for the UK Police to investigate the kidnapping of her sister 21 years ago

Princess Latifa calls for the UK Police to investigate the kidnapping of her sister 21 years ago

Princess Latifa, who claimed she was being held hostage, wrote in a letter to CNN: “In the summer of 2000, Shamsa escaped from a family vacation home in England. She was 18 years old and had a healthy mind. Her friend David Hay is an advocate of the launch. She is part of Detained International, a non-governmental law enforcement organization.

She was subjected to enslavement, oppression and physical abuse by her family members … She wanted to seek asylum in the UK because a family lived there permanently. A few months later she was kidnapped … she was dragged away there Latifa wrote in the document from February 2018: “She calmed down and returned to Dubai.”

The princess added that her sister was tortured and “lost contact with the outside world without a date of her release, trial, or charges.”

She wrote: “I was tortured by beating her on the feet, and I tried it myself in prison.”

The princess added, “Her ultimate goal is to be a free person, to live with dignity, to enjoy freedom of choice and freedom of movement … She wants the basic rights that all people can enjoy.”

The princess said that her sister “has strong ties to England” and that she has “been unlawfully kidnapped on the territory of the United Kingdom”.

She added, “I just ask you to watch your case, please, because she can have her freedom, which is the only thing she wants in life.”

In a statement sent to CNN, Cambridgeshire Police confirmed they had received a letter “dated February 2018 relating to this case that is part of their ongoing review.”

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The forces also said they were investigating the latest BBC Panorama documentary, in which Latifa claims herself to be a hostage in Dubai.

The British Foreign Office declined to comment on Thursday.

In a recent statement issued by her family, the UAE embassy in London said that covering Latifa’s situation “does not reflect the true reality.”

A cousin received the letter from Latifa and The Hague and delivered it to the police.

The group also provided “a transcript of a series of video statements by Sheikha Latifa,” Haig V. Police shared it with CNN using its Arabic address.

“Contact [with Latifa] It lasted for most of 2019 and 2020. The connection was disconnected in the second half of 2020. ‘

The group also claims to have evidence of a single British involvement in the abduction of Princess Shamsa.

We have not been able to disclose such evidence in the past as we thought it posed an unacceptable risk to Sheikha Latifa’s life and safety. However, after the connection is cut off, we are extremely concerned for her life and safety, and we have chosen to disclose the evidence we have obtained “about her”.