December 8, 2023

Prince William + Kate: They want to establish a foothold in America

Catherine, Princess of Wales + Prince William Kate and William want to bring America to their side

Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince William

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Prince William and his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, plan to increase their influence in America. One expert explains that the heir to the throne in particular is “very serious” about his ambitions.

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, 41, both have big visions abroad: According to a royal expert, the heir to the British throne and his wife want to increase their influence in the United States.

Catherine, Princess of Wales and William need America

According to the “Express” report, the royal family is planning various engagements around the world to promote the royal family and the United Kingdom. Their primary targets include the United States. William and Kate are already in the process of submitting their own trademark application. A monarchy expert is certain: Prince William is fully aware that he will need the US “on his side” to ensure the monarchy’s power internationally in the future.

Prince William ‘very serious’

In a podcast conversation with “The Royal Beet,” Kate Mansey says: “The topic of philanthropy has grown tremendously in America.” This is especially true for the commercial and corporate sector. If William and Kate are planning a major global initiative, a foothold in the US is essential. “[Prinz William] “You know you have to have America on your side,” the royalist said. “He’s very serious that he has a global role in the world. He’s on the world stage and will take advantage of that.”

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“They know very well what they can do.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales will probably appear “open” and close to people Prince Harry39, and Duchess Meghan42, now living in the States. “They know what they’re good at,” Mansi said of William and Kate. “They’re the real couple we’ve been waiting for for years.” This was already evident during William’s recent visit to New York: the son left before his meeting. King Charles74, morning Jogging in Central Park. “I’ve decided to join the ranks of New Yorkers who exercise in the morning,” the heir to the throne told the New York Post. Wonderfully understated and casual.

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