December 5, 2023

Prince William: Disagreement with Duchess Meghan over Diana’s inheritance

It will not be quiet about the supposed conflict between the Sussexes Harry And Megan Also called, the British Royal Family. According to reports, the dispute is now also revolving around DianaTadweer legacy. Like the British Mirror He writes, supposedly the heir to the throne Prince William be of opinion, Duchess Meghan His legacy and that of Harry’s mother will not be valued after she repeatedly traveled without her engagement ring, which contains two diamonds that belonged to Lady Diana.

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Prince William ‘asks where Diana’s diamonds are’

Former actress Meghan Markle reportedly received a two-stone ring from Princess Diana’s collection when she got engaged to Prince Harry in 2017.

Prince Harry once said of the ring that the two gemstones were set on a simple gold ring next to a stone from Botswana.

The engagement ring reportedly underwent a minor redesign and was “refreshed” less than two years later, he writes Miros. The ring is said to have become narrower. The new version is said to have been worn in public for the first time in 2019 along with another ring for Meghan’s “Trooping the Color” show.

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Meghan walks around without her engagement ring

Meghan has been seen in various appearances without the ring this year, including a ceremony in May. She also did not wear a ring last month when she attended the Invictus Games with Prince Harry. how Page six Citing informed sources, Duchess Meghan’s engagement ring will be repaired, which has not been officially confirmed or denied.

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According to reports, Prince William is said to be very concerned about the whereabouts of the jewellery.

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Insider: William ‘protects’ Diana’s legacy

According to informed sources, the “missing” ring has raised widespread concern among Harry’s relatives in the United Kingdom. The Duchess of Sussex is generally expected to wear the ring on important occasions. A source claims to the magazine new ideaMeghan’s brother-in-law William is said to be particularly concerned about the whereabouts of his late mother’s gemstones.

The newspaper quoted an informed source in the royal family as saying: “It is safe to say that alarm bells sounded in the palace.” Prince William is said to have told his friends “he wants to know what’s going on, and he doesn’t know where they are.” [Anmerkung: Dianas Diamanten] “Annoying” to William.

Prince William has reportedly vowed that the piece worn by his mother will never go away. The source stressed that William is “always protective” of Lady Diana’s legacy, as her jewelry is an “important” part of her estate.

The palace has not yet commented on the rumours.