April 13, 2024

Prince William: After the Coronation: His Master Plan for the British Monarchy

Prince William: After the Coronation: His Master Plan for the British Monarchy

Prince William is the future heir to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth. And he has big plans for the property.

Prince William, 39, is likely to one day sit on the British throne, succeeding his father Prince Charles (73) and grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (96), who currently represents the country. What has been clear for a long time: William wants to modernize the monarchy. He believes that things need to change.

Friends say: Prince William grieved about his relationship with Harry. More on that in the video above.

A Cambridge trip to the Caribbean exposed problems in the monarchy

During the trip to the Caribbean by Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate (40, née Middleton), it became clear that Prince William was right in his plan to remove the flick from the monarchy. A source described the trip, which has been overshadowed by protests, as “outdated, aloof, very formal, and stuffy” in the Sunday Mirror.

Insiders see the future in a radical change in public appearances. “They want to try to avoid the bows in public, to be more accessible, less formal, less occlusive, and to break with the many traditions, so focus on a modern monarchy,” he says.

‘I don’t think it’s time for Prince William yet’: Here in the video, a royal expert explains why the Prince is not yet ready to take over as heir apparent.
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Prince William wants to renew the monarchy

Prince William, like his father, believes a simplified monarchy is the only way to ensure his survival, notes royal expert Rebecca English on dailymail.co.uk. And in the past few months he has already made clear who should not play a public role in this new monarchy: his uncle Prince Andrew (62), whose reputation for allegations of abuse has been badly damaged.

It is said that it was Prince William’s objection that led to the 62-year-old being banned from attending ‘Gurter Days’. It is assumed that William would not follow the Queen’s motto (96) “Never complain, never explain” (in German: “Never complain, never explain yourself”). “People will not be satisfied with this silence anymore,” said an insider, even if the principle worked for the Queen for a long time.

Prince William also wants a monarchy that celebrates when Commonwealth nations choose their path into the future – even if it means stepping away from the crown.

Prince William: He’s up to the task

Another source indicates that Prince William is willing to listen and learn. His commitment against homelessness and the climate should be at the top of his list – things that are especially close to his heart.

To some, it’s already clear that Prince William and Duchess Kate are the right people for the task of modernizing the monarchy. His former private secretary Jimmy Luther-Pinkerton said in September 2021 in the royal edition of “People” magazine that there could be no “better couple” for this task.

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