Prince Harry: “Incredibly homesick!” The separation bothers him a lot

It’s been two years since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry swore to the royal life. But Prince Harry is still not supposed to be happy. An expert on the royal family has revealed that the Duke of Sussex is “incredibly homesick”.

The Dutch proverb “the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill” shines on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Especially applicable. This proverb means that one is often dissatisfied with one’s situation and believes that others are better off than oneself. Based on Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, it can be said that the couple are apparently never satisfied with what they are.

Prince Harry ‘incredibly homesick’ after split

During their time in the British royal family, they both complained about a lack of privacy and a lot of public pressure. They said they pulled the spinal cord Great Britain Farewell and start a new life in America. In the past few months, they have built a new home for themselves and their children Archie and Lilipet in Montecito, California. But now it turns out: Prince Harry shouldn’t be happy here either. Now that he seemed to have everything he wanted, he was said to be suffering from “incredible homesickness”. At least that’s what Royals expert Neil Shaun claims.

Prince Harry regrets the breakup and longs for royal life

According to Sean, the homesickness was due to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s short trip to the UK, where they attended Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee celebrations in early June. The royals critic explains in his new YouTube video that the trip was like going back to his old life for Prince Harry. In London, he was inevitably reminded of what he left behind and what he gave up. To make matters worse, the people who used to be so close to him kept their distance. It is clearly no longer welcome. This would also explain why Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry only shared one official item, the memorial service. It is unclear if they have met other members of the royal family behind the scenes.

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Meghan Markle will not allow Prince Harry to return

So the couple traveled very quickly to the United States. But since his return, Prince Harry has been said to have been homesick. The new life seems to be more of an appearance than reality. “Back in California, this wasn’t the life he first thought he was enjoying,” said Neal Schon. But even if Prince Harry were to consider returning to the UK, Meghan Markle would surely not agree. “It will be very difficult for Harry because his wife, former actress Meghan Markle, has no plans to settle here in the UK again,” said the expert on the royal family.

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