October 4, 2023

Prince Harry: He's not a 'liar manipulator and spinner'

Prince Harry: He’s not a ‘liar manipulator and spinner’

Prince Harry
Court: Royal wrongly accused of lying to the public

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Small victory in the major legal battle: Prince Harry has been wrongly described as a liar trying to manipulate the public, as the High Court in London has now found.

For years, Prince Harry, 37, has repeatedly taken legal action against false allegations made by the British press about himself and his family. On Thursday, June 9, 2022, according to the British newspaper, “The Daily Telegraph”, he was now right in a case at a preliminary hearing before the High Court in London.

Prince Harry: False accusations from the British press

Harry had filed a defamation suit against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), publishers of the Mail on Sunday newspaper. The reason: The prince was wrongly portrayed as a “liar and crazy manipulator” in his report on his disagreement with the Ministry of Interior in the Supreme Court over security issues, the Evening Standard reported. Justin Rashbrook, his lawyer, said the allegations “caused severe harm, embarrassment and disorder” to the royal family. First, the article stated that Harry had sought judicial review of the government’s decision not to provide police protection while visiting his family in the UK. However, it was then said that the prince’s PR mechanism was “trying to present the dispute in a positive light”.

Rushbrook, who represented Queen Elizabeth’s 96-year-old grandson at a London court, said the articles alleged the Duke “lied in his first public statements when he said he was always willing to protect payable police in the UK”. According to Harry’s lawyer, the report indicates that Harry “attempted in an inappropriate and cynical manner to manipulate and confuse public opinion by using it.” [PR-Leute] authorized to publish false and misleading statements about his willingness to pay for police protection – once the Mail on Sunday revealed he was suing the government.”

The reports would have damaged Harry’s reputation

Claims that someone lied to the public [sowie] Manipulating what should be in the public domain and trying to keep it secret is “dangerous” and would have damaged the prince’s reputation, according to Justin Rashbrook.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the other party told the judge that the article did not accuse Prince Harry of lying about his offer to pay for his personal safety. Instead, the report focused on a “public relations view of the conflict.”

A final ruling has not yet been issued, the judge will announce that at a later time.

Source used: telegraph.co.uk, standard.co.uk


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