June 14, 2024

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan: Not to stay in England? They can stay here

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan This is where you can stay in England – but there’s a catch

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will no longer be able to use their old home, Frogmore Cottage. But if they made it to England, according to one historian, they would find another safe place to stay – despite its dangers.

Prince Harry, 38, and Duchess Meghan, 41, are to give up Frogmore Cottage. On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Sussex confirmed this. “We can confirm that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been asked to leave their home at Frogmore Cottage,” said Emily Nash, a spokeswoman for Harry and Meghan’s foundation. Archiwell”. This means their safe home in Great Britain has been taken away from them, said Meghan’s confidante Omit Scobie. However, a royal expert now insists the royal couple have another residence.

DAS Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s new home in England?

Evicting Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan from Frogmore Cottage – which is under police protection – would mean the loss of “the only remaining place to meet the security needs of the family of four during visits,” writes Omit Scaboi in his article for Yahoo News. The decision by King Charles, 74, was a “severe setback” for Sussex, the author continued.

Historian Marlin Koenig cannot understand this argument, he now explains to “Express”. Finally, there are other royal residences that could provide a safe haven for the royal couple when traveling to England with their children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1. “Harry sees Frogmore Cottage as ‘the only safe place’, which is a different concept to me,” she adds, “There are many rooms in Windsor Castle that they can stay in if they decide to come to Britain. .”

Additionally, the property does not belong to Charles or his second son, but to the Crown Estate. “Harry’s tenancy was with the Crown Estates, including Royal Lodge, Adelaide Cottage, Fort Belvedere and many other properties, large and small, at Windsor,” explains the historian. So, it’s not about Charles getting him out.

Sussex may cause discontent at Windsor Castle

Surely there are enough free rooms at Windsor Castle. However, Harry and Meghan being there could cause a lot of tension. Since their Netflix documentary and Harry’s memoir, relations between the Sussexes and the British royal family have steadily deteriorated. Prince William, 40, is said to be angrier than ever and has even developed a “hate” towards his brother, a friend of the Prince of Wales. So peaceful coexistence was not possible at Windsor Castle.

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