July 16, 2024

Prince Harry: Back to the UK?  The birth of a daughter changes everything

Prince Harry: Back to the UK? The birth of a daughter changes everything

Prince Harry, 36, and Duchess Meghan, 39, née Meghan Markle, are unlikely to be able to step out of the beam these days. On the 4th of June, their daughter Lillipt Diana Mountbatten-Windsor saw the light of day and made the Duke couple happy parents of two – and Archie (2) a proud big brother. Family happiness in Sussex in the United States is ideal, but Prince Harry is soon on a trip to his native Great Britain. Will he visit the UK?

happy family! In the video above, you can take a look at Duchess Meghan’s children’s book and the cute picture of Harry and Archie.

Prince Harry: He’s in crisis for the royal family

Prince Harry’s relationship with the British royal family was strained. Last but not least, the royal resignation and exclusive revealing interview of the Sussex family created a deep rift between Harry and his family. However, on July 1, split brothers William (38) and Harry want to appear together in honor of their late mother, Princess Diana (36). A statue is due to be unveiled in memory of Diana on her 60th birthday. There has been some speculation about Prince Harry’s appearance in the run-up to the much-anticipated date.

Tears, tears and scandals: See in the video below how Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan turned from dream couple into royal strangers.

Appearing in honor of Princess Diana: Prince Harry has no excuses

A source said that after the birth of his daughter, Prince Harry had no “excuses” not to show up in his home country for the appointment. Britain’s Sun newspaper said: “It was rumored that Harry was dodging the unveiling of Diana’s statue amid his succession with William. Meghan’s pregnancy would have been a convenient and perfect reason not to show up. But he now has no excuses for not attending and is expected to stand by William in a show of fraternal unity.”

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Expert: Prince Harry’s visit to the United Kingdom is considered likely

And the royal editor-in-chief of the British newspaper, “Sunday Times”, Roya Nikah, also believes that Prince Harry will likely visit home in July: “Given the isolation and the things we have to do at the moment, I think we can assume that he will travel in the next few weeks “. She added: ‘Both William and Harry know this is a huge global moment, and this moment should revolve around the memory of their mother. Just as they did at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, I’m pretty sure they will dedicate any personal disagreements to this day to make sure it goes well. And that they honor their mother the way they wanted this statue to be.”

Prince William and Prince Harry share love with their late mother Diana. They both know Princess Diana will be hurt to see her dear ones broken. Not only does his daughter’s name honor the deceased princess, but a visit to Harry on her birthday would have filled Diana with pride and happiness.

Cool Moments: Watch the video below to see the heartfelt snapshots of Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry.