Prince Charles: Refreshing the Old Forest

As part of a new project in honor of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, the 73-year-old has called for the UK’s historic natural habitats to be modernized, according to the Palestinian News Agency.

“These are precious and dwindling assets that support biodiversity and provide the finest materials for craftsmen,” the Prince of Wales said in a video message presenting a guide to the ancient forests and trees dedicated to the Queen for her 70th jubilee. These treasures must be preserved for future generations.

Charles is one of the sponsors of the Queen’s Green Canopy Initiative (QGC), which encourages citizens to plant a tree for the jubilee of the throne and thus create a legacy in honor of the Queen (motto: “Plant a tree for a jubilee”).

In line with the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne, the new natural guide consists of 70 ancient forests and 70 trees. These include the apple tree, which is said to have prompted English mathematician Isaac Newton in the English county of Lincolnshire to question why apples fell directly to the ground.

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