July 16, 2024

Prince Charles: A dirty campaign against the heir to the throne

Prince Charles: A dirty campaign against the heir to the throne

Prince Charles, who is 72 years old, has recently become more and more popular among many Britons. But the financial scandal that has surrounded his foundation is damaging his reputation. Political activists are now using this for their own agenda.

Prince Charles: Big request

Prince Charles will become king one day. Sooner or later, he will succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on the throne and then Head of State of the United Kingdom He is. But not everyone is enthusiastic about this idea. Although royals around the world very popular Especially the British royal family is very well known, there are always voices that a end of ownership the demand. Now their protest is directed against the heir to the throne of all people. This has it all special reason.

Prince Charles: Are the Welsh against him?

As “Dailymail” reports, there is currently one widely available in Wales Poster campaign against Prince Charles. This seems to have the support of the population, because according to the newspaper it should be 25000 pounds for this from crowdfunding have been organized. Perhaps that is why it is so important to Andrew Davies, a Welsh Conservative politician, that the campaign does not reflect the general opinion of the people of Wales. “The royal family is very popular in Wales because their presence represents stability in the UK and they are great ambassadors for our countryHe says and adds:

The campaign behind this poster simply does not reflect the opinion of the Welsh public.

However, the stickers themselves make a very good impression clear message.

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You can read more about Prince Charles here:

Prince Charles: Will his job end soon?

The campaign was organized by Al-Gomhoria, an organization that has been campaigning for years to ensure that Ownership canceled will. If they can get away with it, it will be for Charles, but also for Prince William, Duchess Kate and their children. glaring consequences. Time and time again, ‘The Republic’ targets Prince Charles – just as it is now in Wales. A large portrait of the heir to the throne can be seen on posters published in Cardiff, Swansea and Aberdare. Then the obvious slogan:

Wales does not need a prince

In Welsh and English.

It’s a clear message that’s certainly not at all fun for Charles, who has the nickname “Prince of Wales.” Why exactly is now the goal of the “Republic” is not entirely clear. But if you take a look at the organization’s Instagram page, you’ll notice There is no other member of the royal family over there Approach often Become like Charles. Whether the anti-royalists will end up meeting their demands you will succeed, remains to be seen. It surely is not good for Charles to know that in Wales of all places, there will again be many such posters hanging.

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