March 2, 2024

Prime Minister Anderson resigns shortly after the election

Prime Minister Anderson resigns shortly after the election

Soon after winning the election, Magdalena Anderson announced her resignation. (archive image)

Photo: Frederic Pearson/TT/AP/dpa

Sweden is a pioneer in the field of equality. The country has never had a woman as its head of government. Now, with Magdalena Anderson, a Prime Minister has been elected for the first time. But a few hours later the tide turned completely.

The Social Democrat Magdalena Anderson The first Swedish prime minister was elected and resigned the same day. Just hours after being elected to Parliament, the 54-year-old requested her removal on Wednesday due to the withdrawal of her partner in the Green Alliance.

Andersen said at a news conference in Stockholm that she aims to become prime minister again. There should now be a new vote on the Prime Minister’s Office. Political experts spoke of a unique situation.

Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin announced that he accepted Andersen’s motion to reject. Now he wants to call the party chief and discuss the situation. He wanted to report the additional action on Thursday afternoon.

Al-Khidr announces withdrawal from the government

Andersen was the first woman elected prime minister of the Reichstag in Stockholm on Wednesday morning. The reason for their unusual move in the evening is that an alternative budget proposal has now been approved by the opposition in Parliament. The government must abide by this.

As a junior long-term partner of the Social Democrats, the Greens then announced that they were leaving the government – because the new budget had been negotiated by the opposition moderates and Christian Democrats with the right-wing Swedish Democrats. For the first time, the Reichstag agreed to a state budget that was negotiated “with an extreme right-wing party,” as one of the Green Party leaders, Per Polund said.

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According to its co-chair, Marta Steneve, the party agrees that it cannot sit in a government forced to follow a policy negotiated with the Swedish Democrats. “We need to be able to look our constituents in the eye,” she said.

Prime Minister for a short time: Magdalena Anderson.
She was Sweden’s prime minister for a short time – and could be again: Magdalena Andersson.

Photo: Erik Simander/TT News Agency/AP/dpa

“My driving force is improving Sweden.”

in a Sweden It is common for a coalition to step down when a party leaves the government. Anderson said you don’t want to lead a government whose legitimacy is questioned. She now hopes to be able to return with a purely social democratic minority government – and has indicated that the Greens still want to support her as prime minister.

Wednesday was off to a great start for Magdalena Anderson. In her election, it was enough for her that no parliamentary majority spoke against her. The vote was very close – only one vote was lost to vote against Anderson.

“My driving force is the improvement of Sweden. “My driving force has always been to fight injustice in society,” the 54-year-old said after the vote. The fact that she will be the first woman to lead the Swedish government comes only to the fore. But she also said, “I know what that means for the girls growing up in our country.”

Sweden has been in the hands of social democracy for seven years

For the past seven years, Sweden, a member state of the European Union, has been governed by Andersen’s Social Democratic Party colleague Stefan Lofven. Anderson, who was born in Uppsala, was the finance minister in the red-green minority government.

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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven gives way to his Finance Minister.
Former Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven vacated his chair.

Photo: John Minchillo / POOL AP / dpa

Then Löfven announced in August that he would retire first as party chief and then as head of government. At the beginning of November, the 64-year-old transferred the leadership of the party to Anderson, and two weeks ago he also tendered his resignation as prime minister. With his withdrawal, Lofven wants to give his successor the opportunity to improve his situation before the parliamentary elections in September 2022.

An unforgettable election day in Sweden

The Leuven government has repeatedly described itself as a feminist and has put the equality of men and women at the center of its work. But that didn’t change the fact that Sweden, unlike the rest of Scandinavia and Germany, had never been ruled by a woman – until now. “This is a historic day for Sweden,” Green party lawmaker Annika Hirvonen said before the vote.

Back then, no one would have expected that this wasn’t the only reason this day was so memorable. Less than seven hours after the vote, the opposition’s budget proposal gained a majority.

Although this budget is based on previous government proposals, almost a quarter of the money earmarked for repairs will be redistributed next year, including the gasoline tax cut. Anderson expected the approval of the alternative budget and said after her election that she believed the country could also rule the country with the alternative of the opposition. On the other hand, the greens pulled the rip rope.

By Stephen Trumph

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