June 24, 2024

Prevent multiple sclerosis? The study shows amazing results

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Time and time again we read in the gossip sheets about stars and stars who Newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis We are. The famous victims are: Howard Carbondale, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair. But no matter how prevalent an autoimmune disease is in the public eye, there is only one disease worldwide 2.8 million affected. For comparison: between 4 and 8 million people in Germany suffer from Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease.

Multiple sclerosis often first appears in adolescence. Then the affected people suffer from it Signs of illness such as movement disorders, speech disorders, vision disturbances, signs of paralysis, or sensory disturbances accompanied by discomfort. As the disease progresses, often in stages, symptoms often become more severe. In a few cases, he said German MS Association eV, The disease leads to severe disabilities after only a few years.

The study shows the effect of sleep duration and quality on MS

In order to decipher the mystery of multiple sclerosis, scientists are seriously searching. Little is known about the causes and triggers of the disease and MS outbreak. However, researchers have now discovered potential factors that can lead to MS later in life.

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Based on population data from Sweden, which included information on sleep duration and sleep quality, the researchers calculated the odds of developing multiple sclerosis. when analyzing The researchers foundwhich People who regularly slept less than 7 hours a night when they were young were more likely to develop MS of those who slept more than 7 hours.

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Presumably, good and long enough sleep in adolescence appears to be very important for the development of a strong immune system.