October 4, 2023

Press statements about Liverpool's victory over Villarreal

Press statements about Liverpool’s victory over Villarreal

DrLiverpool are still hoping for their third Champions League win after 2005 and 2019. German football coach Jurgen Klopp’s side won the first leg of the semi-final against prolific Bayern Munich side Villarreal 2-0 on Wednesday night. British and Spanish newspapers write about this:

Great Britain:

The Sun: “The Reds reached the Champions League final after a quick double strike that ended the guests’ stubborn resistance.”

“Daily Mail”: “Liverpool got what they deserved in the end, but it took a long time.”

The Independent: “Liverpool are on the cusp of participating in the summit of European football for the tenth time, but only after a 2-0 win that seemed far from the peak. (…) There were moments when it was difficult not to question exactly how they eliminated Bayern Munich.”


“Marca”: “In the semi-finals of the Champions League, you not only have to do your best, you also have to have the gods of fortune on your side, and bad luck hits the yellow people with the first goal.”

El Pais: Villarreal’s lock is broken at Anfield. After showing iron strength in Turin and Munich and resistance for about an hour in Liverpool. As the home team began losing its nerve after a vicious but fruitless siege, Henderson’s skewed cross bounced off Estobian into Rolly’s goal, smashing fort Emery who had spent months patiently spraying concrete.”

El Mundo Deportivo: “Villarreal, who dreams of the first Champions League final, will have to come back from their 2-0 deficit against Liverpool in the second leg of the semi-final on May 3 at La Ceramica to play in Paris on May 28 to participate. But regarding With the match and the chances, Villarreal came out of Anfield alive on Wednesday and the result was the best news for Unai Emery’s team who had no chances to score.”

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