June 21, 2024

A volcano in Guatemala is spewing ash and ash again - dpa

President Leopoldina Haug calls for a “scientific action plan” – dpa

DrThe president of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Gerald Hogg, called for a “scientific plan of action.” “I see a business plan of at least three billion euros a year over five years,” said Hauge of the German news agency dpa in Mainz. “Our most valuable asset is our talented youth, who should not be neglected now. This is our perspective for the future.” Young people should not be left reeling.

Hogg said that in the political debate about aid and emergency packages, the focus has been lost on research and innovation. He demanded the federal government that “with all the aid packages now being put together, the future prospects for young people must also be developed”. “Germany’s most important resource is our intellect, our skills, and especially our cutting-edge research.”

“We need a flexible scientific system not only to deal with the crisis, but also to create real incentives for innovation and research,” stressed Haug, who is also director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz. Research and science must be adequately funded for this purpose.

Inflation, now at 10 percent, and rising energy prices are also causing financial problems for universities and research institutions such as the Max Planck Society. “We have the first university presidents to think about whether they can still heat lecture halls,” Hogg said. “The power lock is not working at all.” Young people need to connect.