December 10, 2023

Premier Schmidt thanked Freeland for Canada's support for Ukraine

Premier Schmidt thanked Freeland for Canada’s support for Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Schmidt held a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of the Treasury of Canada in the United States, Christiaan Freeland, during which he thanked the Canadian people for their great and heartfelt support.

According to the Ukrainianform report, the Prime Minister of Ukraine wrote about this in the online service Telegram.

“In the United States, I met Christiana Freeland, a true friend of Ukraine. We talked to the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and the Minister of Finance about their support for our state and the Ukrainian people in the fight against the Russian occupation, “Schmidt wrote.

According to him, Canada became the first country to transfer $ 1 billion to a special IMF management account set up to help Ukraine.

“I personally thank you for that. We feel very strong and wholehearted support from the entire Canadian people, “he said.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Schmidt will work in Washington (USA) on April 21 and 22. The Prime Minister of Ukraine will attend the Ministerial Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Spring Meetings 2022. Schmidt also holds meetings with representatives of the US Congress, heads of international financial and humanitarian organizations, and US ministers.

Photo: Denise Schmidt’s Telegram


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