December 3, 2023

Premier League in Soccer: reactions to the advertisement

Premier League in Soccer: reactions to the advertisement

WithTwelve great teams from Italy, Spain and England have joined forces and want to establish the European Super League. German clubs have not yet participated in the controversial project. It’s about a lot of money – and it’s also supposed to be about the fans. The international press writes:

Great Britain:

The Daily Mail: “The big six in English football have joined the new European Super League in the earthquake movement that sparked the war in sport. The decision threatens to split English football after the Premier League wrote to clubs on Sunday night that it would not approve any such competition.” “.

The Guardian: “It’s the idea that only someone who really hates football can bring it. Whoever hates football so much that wants to trim it, deceive and deconstruct it, from grassroots game to the World Cup.”


“La Gazzetta dello Sport”: “The Premier League promoted by (Juventus President Andrea Agnelli) serves the interests of his club rather than the general interests of the first division. The parallel tournament between some representatives of the European club’s nobility will only be spent in the coffers of the clubs concerned. The Super League is in conflict. With an attempt to raise the value of the Italian championship and more, unlike the new Champions League project, which plans to expand the competition to 36 teams from 2024. “

La Repubblica: “The Night That Changed European Football” – “The closed Premier League (…) ends qualification on the field – and with it the basic concept of deserved success – in which everyone should participate. An unacceptable loss”.

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