Premature birth on leave – why now the mother and baby are stuck in Cyprus

Bethany and her husband of 28 years, Jean Clitheroe, are now facing £100,000 in hospital bills and a four-month stay in Cyprus. Exeter’s mother is now trying to bring her daughter home to the UK on a medical trip. Father Jan had to return to the UK with his two other children shortly after the birth and was never able to get to know Molly again.

“I’ve never asked for help in my life but we’re in a different country, we don’t speak the language and we just have to take Molly back to the UK,” Bethany told The Sun. Although they are functioning well, their organs are not fully developed yet, which is why something can go wrong at any time. “We want to move her home to a specialized children’s hospital as soon as possible.”

Bethany and Jan are now raising £30,000 on crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to bring little Molly home. There Yan writes: “As a family we try to collect as much as possible, but I fully realize we need help to get Molly home!” After speaking to the British Embassy, ​​this is “our best option”, Jan justifies his call for help on the crowdfunding platform. (Siba)

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