May 18, 2024

Practical shaft just in case

Practical shaft just in case

Solve the Puzzles

On his journey, San encounters puzzles that he can solve with the help of his magic spear. Photo: Hatinh Interactive / Nerd Monkeys / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

“Out of Line” is a hand-drawn 2D comic-looking puzzle platformer game. Players control San on his mission to collect scattered memories. They have to escape from the henchmen of the evil being, who of course leave no stone unturned to stop San from doing his job.

The journey leads through many puzzles and stealth passages. You also have to avoid one mechanical claw or the other. There is no fighting in “off line”. Sam cannot defend himself or attack himself. The only thing left is to evade, to be fast and smart.

A spear that can’t be fought off

At the beginning of his journey, San received a glowing spear. You can’t fight with it, but the tool is still useful. The spear must be used skillfully in a variety of ways – for example, to stop gears or to enable higher jumps and thus solve puzzles. The javelin can also be thrown and retrieved like a boomerang.

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There are many small memory points inside the puzzles. If you fall into the deep from time to time or find yourself on the wrong path, the game feels decent and gives you plenty of opportunities to start over.

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Outline“Already available for PC. Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and XBox versions will follow. The cost of the game, which is approved for players from the age of six and over, is about 10 euros.

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