June 22, 2024

PR nightmare - Biden stumbles on his way to Air Force One

PR nightmare – Biden stumbles on his way to Air Force One

The American president stumbled on his way to the presidency machine in front of the camera. The White House felt compelled to give all clarity.

US President Joe Biden lost his foot and stumbled several times on the stairs to Air Force One.

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Getting caught in front of the camera is a nightmare in political PR classes. This is especially true for someone like Joe Biden, who moved to the White House at the age of 78 as the oldest president in US history and who should be regularly criticized at his age. His opponents often take advantage of the images of a struggling politician. Friday’s incident is, on the other hand, unfavorable to Biden.

The president stumbles upon his departure on a trip to Georgia. As Biden climbed the stairs to Air Force One, he stumbled in the middle of the road, but caught himself – and his hand on the railing. After two more steps, he tripped over and over, until his knee fell down the stairs. The Democrat straightened up quickly, patted his pants for a while, and made the rest of the drawer without further complications.

Even so, the White House felt compelled to give all clarity. White House Communications Director Kate Bidingfield wrote on Twitter shortly after the incident that Biden was fine. It wasn’t even necessary for the medical team to travel with the president to look into the matter. Biden took the wrong step – nothing more.

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Biden recently injured his leg: After his election in November, he twisted his right ankle while playing with the German Shepherd and sustained a small stress fracture to his foot. Biden had to wear shoe-like orthopedic support shoes for a while. But he is gone again in the meantime.