June 17, 2024

Postmen in England come to every apartment building with this tool

Royal Mail
British postmen use this tool to reach every apartment building

Royal postman. Across the UK, even in the digital age, around 7.8 billion letters are still handed out each year.

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Postmen in England have their own trick to get into apartment buildings. An online portal in London explains what it is all about.

Anyone who works as a postman in Great Britain has a job with a long tradition. In fact, the history of the Royal Mail goes back to the famous King Henry VIII, who founded the postal service just over half a thousand years ago – in 1516.

It is also possible that a company that has been in business for a long time will provide its employees with some tricks and tricks to enable them to perform their jobs effectively. The news portal “My London” revealed one this week. The editors answered a question that many Londoners in particular might ask: How do postmen manage to get into the countless blocks of flats in the megalopolis without any problems and in a reasonable amount of time in order to put mail down the aisles in mailboxes? After all, according to the information, about 7.8 billion messages are still delivered in the UK annually, even in the age of the Internet.

The answer is also simple and surprising, at least from a German point of view, since there is nothing to compare in this country: the postmen of the Royal Mail are equipped with some kind of master key, as “My London” wrote. The device looks less like a switch and more like a curved tube. The technical term is “Fire Brigade Drop Key” and this type of lockpick is so named because the original purpose was actually to open locked doors for firefighters in an emergency.

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British postmen have special permission to use this key

So these public keys are also mainly offered as equipment for firefighters on online selling sites. “Indeed, anyone can buy such a key,” the London news portal wrote. But in order to use it, you need special permission from the owners or property owners of all the homes where you want to use the tool.

The Royal Mail has permission to use the key, which can unlock front doors and security doors. A great responsibility rests with postal men and women – because they have to make sure that no one uses such keys without permission. Anyone who misuses the “Fire Brigade Drop Key” shall bear legal responsibility, for example for trespassing.

Google's summary page displays images of "Fire Brigade Drop Keys"

Using these images, “Fire Brigade Drop Key” is advertised on the Internet, it is part of the equipment of the fire brigade and may not be used without permission.

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