October 4, 2023

Posted several videos of handheld gameplay

Posted several videos of handheld gameplay

from Maximilian Hohm
Valve’s Steam Deck is about to become a new mobile console that can also accommodate custom PC games with decent performance. The manufacturer is now releasing the first videos featuring game ratings.

At the end of the year, the first players will get the new Steam Deck from Valve. A portable game console based on the RDNA2 architecture should have some significant competitive advantages over its direct competition in the form of the Nintendo Switch. The computing power, which should be around 1.6 TFLOPS, puts it on par with Sony’s PS4, a much larger fixed console. The Switch, on the other hand, still has the already known Tegra X1 with only 512 GFLOPS computing power, even in the latest version like the Switch OLED.

Steam Deck: Valve deconstructs handheld games in the same video

However, the most decisive feature is the ease of use of the Steam library, with many users already owning hundreds of games. These should be fully playable on Valve’s new console. The developers consider the game playable if it does not go below a frame rate of 30 fps at any point in time. Valve has now posted several videos about the games and their performance on Steam Deck. The settings used for this will not be disclosed at this time.

Devil May Cry 5
Psychology Pioneers 2
XL . skater
System Shock 2
Witcher 3

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Steam Deck in various stages of expansion can be ordered exclusively through the Steam Shop. There are three different versions that differ fundamentally in terms of memory configuration. The entry form can be purchased from 419 euros. As a Christmas present, Valve’s new console is only partially appropriate, with today’s order, delivery is not expected before the second quarter of 2022.

those: The star of the game

Steam Deck: Valve deconstructs handheld games in the same video

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