July 15, 2024

Post-Brexit: Huge Direct Discount on eBay from Great Britain

Post-Brexit: Huge Direct Discount on eBay from Great Britain

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Several Ebay sellers are completely unexpectedly hit by the consequences of Brexit. Because the online marketplace continues to collect sales fees from Great Britain. This could mean additional bank charges.

Until December 31, 2020, this was not an issue at all and no one noticed it. However, since Brexit, that is, since January 1, some banks have imposed fees on their customers when recovering direct debt from Great Britain. Some savings banks charge around € 8.50 for this.

How does eBay react?

“Some of our clients have informed us that their banks have charged a fee,” explains Ebay, at the request for a dpa-subject service. “As a result of Brexit, (European Union) banks can now charge fees for transactions with banks from the United Kingdom.”

So the problem is known. However, it is unclear whether the company will initiate direct debit operations from another EU country in the future in order to save unnecessary bank fees to affected customers. “We will continue to monitor the behavior of banks (in the European Union) and respond accordingly,” says eBay.

Credit card as an exit

In order to avoid more bank charges until then, it might make sense for affected sellers to change the payment method for Ebay fees.

Because in addition to debiting a bank account, Ebay also offers credit card debits. Euro credit card payments are usually not associated with transaction costs.