November 29, 2023

Papst Franziskus mit Mitgliedern der "First Nations" (Kanada) am 31. März 2022 im Vatikan.

Pope wants to travel to Canada –

Pope Francis wants to celebrate St. Anne’s Day in July with Indigenous peoples in Canada. He expressed his desire at a meeting at the Vatican.

Pope Francis has announced that he will leave for Canada at the end of July. He made the remarks at a meeting with Canadian indigenous peoples at the Vatican on Friday. Referring to the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary on July 26, the Pope said: “I want to be with you this year.” “See you in Canada!” That concludes his speech. Despite repeated mentions by members of the Canadian delegation, the Vatican has not yet officially confirmed such a trip.

Residential school scandals

Since Sunday, large delegates from Canada have been in Rome with the country’s bishops. The background to the talks at the Vatican is the scandal that has come to light in recent years about the mistreatment and abuse of church schools for aboriginal children, known as residential schools.

“The Path to Healing and Reconciliation”

Government-funded institutions were often run by church sponsors. The mission of the Canadian delegation, which includes bishops, is to “pave the way for healing and reconciliation”. (CIC)