November 28, 2023

Pokémon Karmesin und Purpur

Poll of the week: Do you prefer Pokémon Crimson or Crimson? – tower

On this Sunday in this turbulent show week, we welcome you to our survey of the week and once again bring you an exciting survey from the world of Nintendo. But first, let’s look at last week’s poll.

last week’s poll

Last week we wanted to know if Mario Strikers: Battle League Football’s controversial debut kick-off played a decisive role in the buying decision. Since the show was limited to 2v2 matches, many were given the wrong impression about the game, as many have read in the comments. Most of those who originally played the demo wanted to buy the game as well. However, a large part of them have been put off by the demo and are not planning to buy the game at the moment. You can find out what the exact answers look like on the questionnaire over here Outside.

poll of the week

A little over a week ago I got a new one wide trailer to me crimson pokemon And the Pokemon Purple This is explained before all the differences in the version of the game. You can find out what the legendary Pokémon or even the various masters look like in our guide, which is constantly updated:

Pokémon Crimson / Crimson – All known version variations

What version are you actually leaning on right now? Let us know your preference in the comments as well as in the poll. Justify your reason for choosing the respective version. We look forward to your discussions.

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