Pokémon GO: Halloween 2022 Part 2: All the info about the event

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to: Omar Kayali

Pokémon GO Halloween event runs until November 1st. © Niantic

Round two of our annual Pokémon GO Halloween event is upon us. The second part again brings a lot of relevant content.

A few days ago this year Halloween event in “Pokémon GO” seem. Players expect different content to match the scary theme. The event is divided into two parts and the second part begins on October 27. Among other things, some special Pokémon will appear in it again, as well as limited search missions. Niantic developers have now revealed the content for the second part of their Halloween event “Pokemon Go” Will offer.

Pokémon GO Halloween event: This brings Part Two

  • New Pokemon: During the Halloween event, special Pokemon appeared in Halloween costumes. In Part 2, these are Vulpix, Vulnona, Gengar, Pumpkin, and Pumpdjinn – all dressed in exclusive Spooky Festival costumes.
  • Exclusive Attacks: Pokémon Giratina defines the exclusive “Shadow Power” attack as part of the Halloween event.
  • Double Rewards: Trainers who reach level 31 are guaranteed to get XL Candy while walking with their Pokémon friends. There is also double candy, candy hatch and send candy.
  • Lavandia music: The well-known Lavandia music from the first Gameboy games can still be heard in the game as a remix version at night.
  • New avatar items: A variety of Halloween items are available in the shop, including a spooky mode, dumbbell hat, dumbbell costume, and Zubat hair accessory.
  • Raid battles: In Raid Battles, players encounter powerful Pokémon, including Nightara, Zobiris, or Giratina in the original form. Mega Bennett is waiting in the mega raid.
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As part of the event, some Pokémon will appear frequently, including Ghost and Dark-type. Players will encounter the following Pokemon more often over the next few days:

  • Apollo
  • gulpit
  • Pumpkin with Halloween Costume Pranks
  • kramorx
  • Macapaja
  • Paragonese
  • pikachu with halloween costume prank
  • Plinfa with Halloween Costume Pranks
  • Dish
  • Traunvogel
  • Vulpix in spooky festival costume
  • and bless
  • Zubiris
  • additional
  • double ways

Pokémon GO Halloween event offers two paid tickets with bonus content

Timed Research is available to Pokémon GO players by purchasing the appropriate tickets. You can choose from:

  • Ticket 1 It costs 1 euro and includes a limited time quest, after completion of which many Makabajas appear.
  • Ticket 2 It costs €5 and includes a limited search in which the candy reward is increased. In addition, players can unlock additional Halloween missions, and completing them will receive an avatar item.

The Halloween event ends on November 1, 2022, so you must complete missions and earn rewards by then.

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