Pokémon Center Online launched for Great Britain • Nintendo Connect

New York has its own Nintendo Store There are many small Pokémon centers in Japan. Great Britain and poor Europe in general have always been neglected in the rain, with the exception of the time-limited Pokémon centers in Paris and London.

As just announced, there is now at least one in Great Britain Pokémon Center Online-Store. Online Store Available. As in Japan and North America, many goods and trading card products can be purchased here, but shipping is currently only available to people residing in Great Britain. It is not yet known if the online store will be expanded to other parts of Europe.

The beta Pokémon Center UK website is still stocked with a limited selection of products. The Pokémon Company expects high demand, but also says the Pokémon Center team will be working hard to add new product lines.

What do you think about this move, and would you like to have the “Pokémon Center Online” also for Germany, Austria and Switzerland so you can shop there in the future?

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