May 21, 2024

Poisoning Alexei Navalny - Ministry of Lies - News

Poisoning Alexei Navalny – Ministry of Lies – News


Even through constant repetition, a lie does not become true. For a whole year, the Russian state tried to convince the world that the Russian government had nothing to do with the confirmed poisoning of Alexei Navalny.

So far, the Kremlin has been unable to provide any real evidence; Only Russia can put forward as many different theses as possible and talk about a “planned provocation” and “arrogant accusation” against the Russian state when Navalny was poisoned.

wall of silence

The starting point is clear: the well-known Russian opposition politician Alexig Navalny lost consciousness on a domestic flight and had to be taken to a Russian hospital. The evidence was deliberately withheld by the Russian side. Crucial evidence has disappeared from within Russia since August 20 last year. This includes video from the CCTV of the hotel where Alexej Navalny stayed and the clothes Alexej Navalny wore on the day he was admitted to hospital in Russia.

Anyone inquiring about the hotel’s video surveillance materials will find themselves in front of a wall of silence a year after the poisoning was confirmed, just as they do in front of the hospital where Alexig Navalny was admitted.

Repressive evidence against the Kremlin

The Kremlin is trying to portray itself as a victim, and this only makes itself more suspicious. Instead of finding a back door out of the deadlock with diplomatic silence, Moscow buries itself deep in a mountain of lies and puts forward the completely absurd theory that Navalny might have been poisoned outside Russia and accuses German diplomats of “covering up and hiding.” Truth “.

While Russia accuses “Germany and friendly countries” of interfering in the internal affairs of the state, Russia itself has not opened a criminal investigation into the case on the grounds that there is no evidence that a criminal offense has been committed. The Russian online magazine, which discovered last year that the Russian state had deliberately confiscated video materials from the hotel, was forcibly shut down by the state.

The Russian state caricatures itself with its actions and the State Department is increasingly reminiscent of the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s novel. But a lie remains a lie and must be mentioned by name.

Luzia Cherki

Russia correspondent

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Luzia Cherky is the SRF’s correspondent for Russia and the former Soviet Union.