July 12, 2024

PM Johnson and Chancellor Merkel discuss Afghanistan

PM Johnson and Chancellor Merkel discuss Afghanistan

Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed aid for Afghanistan.

Johnson said the UK would provide dual assistance to Afghanistan to contain the growing humanitarian crisis.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Johnson said: “The leaders of the United Kingdom, Germany and NATO as a whole have made a coordinated effort over the past two weeks to evacuate people at risk from Afghanistan.”

They acknowledge the need for international efforts in the coming weeks to avert the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister stated the UK’s continued commitment to the country, including doubling aid to the region this year.

The prime minister and chancellor decided to work with the rest of the G7 countries to develop policy on how to deal with any new Afghan government, which was discussed at the leaders’ meeting last week. “I urge the prime minister to give the Taliban some kind of recognition and commitment so that those who want to leave the country and respect human rights can cross the border safely,” a spokesman for the prime minister said.

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