December 1, 2023

PlayStation VR gets seven new games

PlayStation VR gets seven new games

Seven new games for PlayStation VR have been announced on the PlayStation Blog. Players can look forward to them this summer.

The basics in brief

  • PlayStation VR will get seven new games.
  • The first one will appear this summer.

While PS VR Highlights Seven new games have been introduced on the PlayStation Blog. These will soon appear on PlayStation VR, according to Pixel Magazin.

The popular Sniper Elite series is being expanded with “Sniper Elite VR”. It’s available on PS VR on July 8th.

“Arashi: Castles of Sin” will appear in the summer of 2021. In this stealth action sandbox game, elite shinobi players hunt down bandits with their wolf companion Haru in feudal Japan.

Action-puzzle game coming to PlayStation VR

“Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey” will be released for PlayStation VR, PS5, and PS4 this year as well. This puzzle game consists of bubble puzzles that Three dimensional.

“Winds & Leaves” will be released on July 27. Here the players are gardening.

Brutal monsters compete in the FPS co-op action “After the Fall”. With multi-platform support, up to four players can team up.

‘Fracked’ gets a new VR gameplay

The exclusive “Fracked” action adventure is also slated to release on PS VR in the summer of 2021.

The latter also appears Das Adventures Itinerant this summer. This has a time travel theme.

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