June 22, 2024

Playstation father finds VR headsets 'simply annoying'

Playstation father finds VR headsets ‘simply annoying’

Japanese director Ken Kutaragi developed the Playstation for Sony, which was supposed to be a CD-ROM drive for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The story, as we all know, unfolded differently and Sony didn’t seem to have done any harm. Kutaragi was the system engineer responsible for the first three generations of Playstation and he also designed the PSP. Sony later decided to use regular computers and Mark Cerny has become the leading hardware designer ever since.

Kutaragi now works for a company called Ascent Robotics, which Sony supports financially. In this position, the manager recently spoke with Bloomberg About two current trends in the world of video games and made it clear that he no longer takes all future technologies with him: Being in the real world is very important, but the Metaverse is about becoming almost real in the virtual world. I don’t see the point. Would you rather be a polished avatar than real? By Anonymous [Internetforen]. “

By the way, Kutaragi doesn’t think much about the fact that Sony supports virtual reality through its VR headset: “Headphones isolate you from the real world and I don’t agree with that. Headphones are just annoying.” Of course, these harsh words won’t be deterred by Sony, because a second iteration of the PSVR headset is expected to appear on the PS5 soon.

those: VGC.