Playstation and Nintendo Switch players are also interested in Activision games on Xbox Game Pass –

Once Microsoft completes its acquisition of Activision Blizzard — and for now, no one thinks that won’t — it’s likely that a lot of titles (both current and upcoming) from the publisher’s catalog will make their way to Xbox Game Pass. A new study is trying to find out if this development is sparking increased interest among gamers across platforms.

YouGov I polled 1,200 adults in the US and 1,200 adults in the UK on this topic in January and got some interesting results. 43 percent of Xbox gamers, 42 percent of PC gamers, and 27 percent of smartphone gamers in the United States would be interested in an Xbox Game Pass if Activision Blizzard titles were included. In the UK, the interest looks like this: 48% of Xbox players, 26% of PC players, and 20% of smartphone users are interested in the service, if it becomes more attractive.

Playstation and Nintendo Switch players will also be interested in the online show if it becomes more attractive due to the new titles. While in North America 46 percent of Playstation users are interested in Xbox Game Pass after incorporating new titles, in Great Britain this is only 29 percent. The situation is similar for the Nintendo Switch: 46% of Switch owners in the US are open to subscription, compared to just 26% in the UK.

If you want to get a more comprehensive picture of this study, you should definitely take a look at Read the original report.

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