June 23, 2024

Players will be tormented by poisonous swamps again

Players will be tormented by poisonous swamps again

In the next game from the FromSoftware studio, players have to venture through poisonous swamps once again. In an interview, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki talked about how the “Elden Ring” rekindled his love for the horrible poisonous swamps.

Apparently, these terrifying areas are inherent in the games FromSoftware: Toxic Swamps. They first appeared in Devil Souls of Destruction Valley. In Dark Souls, players are sent through Toxic Marshes in Blighttown. In “Dark Souls 2” these areas existed as Harvest Valley and in “Dark Souls 3” as Farron Keep. “Bloodborne” He simply called his Poison Swamp region as well “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” There was the poisonous Ashina Depths.

“Elden Ring” leads players back through toxic regions

In an interview, Elden Ring game director Hidetaka Miyazaki talked about the game that will be released on February 25, 2022. He confirmed that there will again be a poisonous area hated by many players in the “Elden Ring”. Work on FromSoftware’s latest game has revived his love of poison swamps.

“In terms of how a player feels when they enter that area, that’s a different story,” Miyazaki said in the interview. “But while working on the game, I discovered my love for building poison swamps. I know how people feel about it, but I suddenly realized I was going to make one. I just can’t help it. It just happens.”

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According to Miyazaki, there is also “something particularly terrifying” in the universe of the “Elden Ring”. A new affliction intended to be different from the effects of the Toxic and Toxic state in other games. The name of the new disease is “cochineal rot”, roughly translated as “cochineal rot”. Whether and how players can contract this disease, and whether this terrible disease has something to do with poisonous swamps, is not yet known.

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