June 20, 2024

“Planning For The Future: Hope” |  Gronau

“Planning For The Future: Hope” | Gronau

World Ecumenical Day of Prayer in St. Mattei’s Church: The Destinies of Three Women Still Are Encouraged

The Ecumenical Service Team recounts God’s promise from the Book of Jeremiah in theatrical scene form, here with Reverend Susan Richter (left).

© Anne Catherine Olkers

Gronau – The ecumenical service began on the International Day of Prayer for Women with a photo show at St. Mathai Church. This year’s World Day of Prayer was the United Kingdom, which includes England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland. However, for historical and geographic reasons, the country in the north of the British Isles has a special International Day of Prayer committee.
Travel parts of the country

With the help of various pictures, visitors to God got to know parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland better in all their diversity. Among other things, impressions of the magnificent coasts were shown. The famous English Gardens were not lost, and a detour was made to Canterbury. The University City is the center of the Anglican Church. She went to London with her mixture of tradition and modernity – and of course the bright red double-decker buses were part of the chosen images as the woman who holds the whole kingdom together: Queen Elizabeth.
Worshipers traveled west together from England, the largest and most populous part of the United Kingdom at about 130,000 square kilometres. The destinations were Wales, with a population of three million that has maintained its language and identity despite resistance, and Northern Ireland with its green meadows and a history of conflict. oil

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