February 28, 2024

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom – The 3rd Community Day Brings Innovations – Into the Future

Pikmin friends listen to! It’s time for you again community day in a Bikmin Bloom. Niantic and Nintendo have announced the date for the third day of the event, which will fall again on Saturday. Specifically, you are allowed January 22 mark in the calendar. Then all Pikmin breeders will be invited again to take part in the #10KWalkWithPikmin Challenge and walk around hard. As usual, those who achieve the goal move will receive a special medal.

New this time: you deserve 1 extra coin for every 250 flowers planted Instead of 500 normal coins, you can only earn extra 60 coins in one day this way. Plus, January is all about Beauty. Since the beginning of the month, giant flowers bloom every now and then, but that’s guaranteed on Community Day. From January 22nd, you will also receive fruits with camellia nectar as a reward for every challenge completed in the app.

As modified in December, the first community day of the new year will be held The whole day instead of. This means that you don’t need to go out in a certain time window, but you do have a full day to plan your trip with Pikmin.

Do you already know where you will end up on the next Community Day?

source: Bikmin Bloom

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