June 24, 2024

Pictet Europe changed legal form and seat

At the end of May, Pictet & Cie. (Europe) moved its headquarters from Luxembourg to Frankfurt. In addition, the legal form of the company changes. Hengeler Mueller played a major role in providing legal advice to the bank.

As of May 26, 2023, Pictet & Cie. (Europe), where the Pictet Group’s European business is integrated, has moved its headquarters to Frankfurt am Main. The transfer process is accompanied by a change in the legal form across borders.

The company, which has subsidiaries in Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Monaco, previously operated as an anonymous company under Luxembourg law. It now operates as a German joint-stock company.

Frank BurmeisterHengler Müller advised Pictet to move the headquarters and change the legal form. The team was led by Dr. Dirk Plesner and Dr. Frank Burmeister.

The mandate included structuring, preparing and implementing cross-border change to the legal form, including banking supervision, aspects of labor law and taxation, as well as coordination among other legal teams involved in Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. Kingdom and Monaco.

Arendt & Medernach supported Pictet in aspects of Luxembourgish law.

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People involved

Hegeler Mueller on Pictet:

Dr. Dirk Plesner (Partner, Head, Banking and Banking Regulation Law, Frankfurt)

Dr. Frank Burmeister (Partner, Chair, Corporate and Transformation Law, Frankfurt)

Jan Leto Steffen (adviser, Banking and Banking Regulation Law, Frankfurt)

Dr. Gerrit Tönningsen (Senior Associate, Banking and Banking Regulation Law, Frankfurt)

Maximilian Kunzelmann (Associate, Corporate and Transformation Law, Frankfurt)

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Antonius Rudwig (Assistant, Corporate and Transformation Law, Frankfurt)

Dr. Christian Hoffs (Partner, Employment Law, Frankfurt)

Dr. Katharina Gebhardt (Senior Fellow, Employment Law, Frankfurt)

Selina Rohr (Senior Fellow, Employment Law, Frankfurt)

Dr. Markus Ernst (Partner, Tax Law, Munich)

Marius Marx (lawyer, tax law, Frankfurt)

Dr. Sebastian Adam (Senior Assistant, Tax Law, Frankfurt)

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Arendt and our director | Hegeler Mueller: Pictet Europe changes its legal form and headquarters. In: Legal Tribune Online, 05.06.2023, Available Here. https://www.lto.de/persistent/a_id/51918/ (Accessed on: 05.06.2023)

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