May 21, 2024

Physiotherapist Marquez: "Marc doesn't have to prove anything" / MotoGP

Physiotherapist Marquez: “Marc doesn’t have to prove anything” / MotoGP

Eight-time world champion Marc Marquez, about nine months after breaking his arm, is about to return for the MotoGP. The emotional message from his naturalist, Carlos Garcia.

Since Honda officially confirmed last Saturday that Marc Marquez had obtained clearance from his doctors at the Roper Clinic in Madrid four months after performing his third upper arm operation to return to the race, the entire MotoGP scene has been wondering: How strong is the eight- Time world champion and 82-time GP winner introduces himself upon his return?

Almost nine months have passed since the Repsol Honda star had to give up on a rushed comeback attempt in Jerez just four days after the first procedure. The rest of the story is known: two other procedures were followed, including bone grafting and antibiotic treatment, to control the infection.

One of the people who followed Marc Marquez closely on the long journey is physiotherapist Carlos Garcia. For weeks and months, two physical units a day were on the rehab plan for the six-time MotoGP champ. During his first racetrack training on the RC213V-S at Barcelona Catalunya, Garcia was next to the 28-year-old Spaniard in mid-March.

Mark Marquez is now looking forward to getting back on his Moto GP. It will most likely come on Friday. All that remains is for Portimao’s racing doctors to announce their fitness on Thursday.

A few days before his long-awaited moment, the physiotherapist dedicated passionate words to him: “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you are Mark,” Carlos Garcia wrote on Instagram. “Those of us who have been by your side in this difficult moment know you are a great person even before the athlete.”

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“We gave everything we had, and it is easy to write, but these nine months were the longest of our lives. We gave up everything for one goal.” “We finally achieved this goal, everything we tested and what we achieved next. No We suffered and what we suffered. The last few months have been very difficult, but we always tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “

“If you’ve learned anything during these months, it’s that an athlete has to have a talent in order to be successful – but not just a talent. You have to do the work. You have to do what you have to do, not what you want to do: you have to. Wake up early, be on time and be consistent; you have to know how to recover, you have to eat healthily, exercise, and suffer … all this without knowing how long it will take, regardless of your dreams that fade away. So with suspicion when you can race again. “

“It seems that this light at the end of the tunnel that we imagined day after day finally enlightens us,” says Garcia happily and finally declares: “Marc Marquez may win world titles, but Marc remains steadfast.”