April 25, 2024

Physicist Quantum Mystery - Wissenschaft.de

Physicist Quantum Mystery – Wissenschaft.de

Because of reality – quantum theory fundamentally questions the existence of our “world”. This still causes controversial discussions among scholars. The July issue of bild der Wissenschaft is dedicated to this fascinating and challenging topic of physics.

Famous physicist Niels Bohr said, “Anyone who has not been shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” The concept, which has revolutionized physics since the beginning of the last century, has been experimentally confirmed and yet describes a strange world with seemingly incomprehensible consequences: puzzling coincidences, strange intrusions and “frightening far-reaching effects” that make the quantum world an enigma with which Bohr Albert Einstein also quarrels.

At the beginning of the two-part title topic, the introduction explains what quantum theory is and why it raises so many questions. Based on the description of the famous double slit experiment, it is clear that some physical effects cannot be explained in a classical way. Phenomena such as entanglement and superposition are also the reason behind the emergence of “frightening long-range effects” from quantum theory, as Einstein called them. In the mysterious quantum world, places and distances seem to fade away.

A broken understanding of reality

In the first part of “Einstein’s Ghost” article, Bdw expert Rüdiger Vass describes how Einstein did not want to accept this consistency of the concept, and reports on friendly disagreements between Einstein and Bohr over the difficult aspects of the theory. This shows how difficult it is for the two brightest stars to understand the quantum world. Einstein believed that hidden variables are still missing to explain known effects. But then it turned out that this was not the case. If quantum theory is complete, it has dire consequences for the physical world view: then is the classical idea of ​​reality at last—or at least the idea that things have a fixed place in them and can exist independently of them, writes Vass.

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Then the author explains in the article “Controversial Quantum Reality” how scientific headaches have developed to this day. Careful measurements have shown that “terrifying long-range effects” are spreading across the entire quantum world. Quantum physicists are now discussing solutions that sometimes seem completely outlandish or surreal, according to the FAS report. To explain alien non-positions, they speculate on alien universes, backward times, and cosmic conspiracies. Other researchers even consider reality to be higher dimensional mathematics or just an illusion. At least one thing is clear: “Frightening long-distance effects” have deeply shaken our familiar view of the world and our understanding of reality, Vaas sums up.

You’ll find the title theme “A Controversy Over the Quantum World” in the July issue of Bild der Wissenschaft, which will be available in stores from June 15.