October 3, 2023

Philips Hue lights are designed to mimic daylight |  today

Philips Hue lights are designed to mimic daylight | today

Philips Hue lamps manufactured by Signify should soon be enriched with functionality. like the gate “9to5Google” Reports indicate that the smart lighting specialist gives the bulbs a natural lighting mode. This is intended to simulate natural light outdoors. The function is designed to switch between different color temperatures over a 24-hour period. In the morning it begins with light, cool colors and ends with a warmer golden light in the evening.

Signify officially introduced the Natural Light option some time ago. It was actually supposed to appear last year, but that was postponed after that, he says.

Available soon for some users

“Hueblog.com” He writes that the functionality was already available in the app for some users. With the new search function in the Hue light scene gallery, some users were able to access and use the mode using the search term “natural light”. But the fun did not last long. “It appears that Philips Hue has removed the search from the Hue light scene gallery via remote maintenance,” the blog says.

Hue customers who have already used the function have been informed that the natural light mode is not yet officially supported. “We recommend that you do not install the scene yet. We will tell you when the scene is ready to use,” says a screenshot on Hueblog.de.

Speaking of light: “Kassensturz” tested eleven daylight bulbs. However, only three of the eleven mood enhancers received a “good” rating. Read more about the test here.

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