Perilous conditions for tennis star Djokovic at the Relay Hotel in Melbourne

Novak Djokovic, 34, has rarely had to live in such a cramped space and in such a poor environment. The tennis star is currently being forcibly confined to the infamous Park Hotel in downtown Melbourne. This is after the visa chaos around Djokovic’s entry on Thursday. The No. 1 tennis player wants to play the Australian Open. Instead, there is now a carry-over holding without extra sausage.

Before leaving for Australia, Djoker generously announced on Instagram that he was traveling “on a special pass to Down Under”. Australians didn’t want to know anything about a special permit for the unvaccinated. After eight hours of questioning, Djokovic was escorted to the Park Hotel in Melbourne’s Carlton neighborhood. Australian authorities refuse to officially confirm that Djokovic is being held there. Television footage showed Djokovic arriving Thursday evening at this hotel for people who had to leave the country – that is, for deportation prisoners.

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