July 15, 2024

Performances in Lower Austria – inspiring children and young people to science

Performances in Lower Austria – inspiring children and young people to science

DIY experiment manuals

DIY experiment guides contain exciting experiments for kids and teens that you can easily do at home using household items.

Science Fund

The Science Chest contains seven experiments where the whole family can go on an adventure. Scientific terms are learned in a playful way, necessary instinct is encouraged and solution-oriented action is the focus. The answers and the amazing insights invite children and adults alike to get a scientific view of the world.

All necessary materials and objects, such as test tubes, pH measuring strips or citric acid, can be found in the experiment kit.

Academy of Sciences

As an extracurricular science education program for curious and enthusiastic young people aged 14 and over, the Niederösterreich Academy of Sciences offers unique opportunities for young people.

Participants get first-hand insight into the world of science. You connect with inspiring personalities and renowned researchers, conduct research with your colleagues and develop exciting, future-oriented ideas and projects in a team.

Six exciting courses have been developed in cooperation with first-class universities and scientific institutions:

– Biotechnology

– history and present

– Press and media

– Climate change and


– Intelligent world

– Outer Space

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