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Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)

Ottawa, June 2 / PRNewswire /

A turning point in Canadian mining history is the Clondic Gold Rush and the proposed methods used to find gold in the famous Bonanza Creek in 1896 are depicted on a new gold coin made of 99.999% pure gold (5-9 V-gold). Royal Canadian Mint. This new magazine, which depicts the function of the traditional Sluice box, is the second in a series of 1-ounce pure gold (5-nine gold) coins to commemorate the “last great gold rush” representing Canada, the Yukon and life. The indigenous people who lived on the land for thousands of years changed forever.

The gold coin, designed from the world’s purest gold, was unveiled today in Toronto, Ontario at the PDAC 2022, the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining conference hosted by the Prospecters and Developers Association of Canada. It can be found at the Royal Canadian Mint’s stand and will soon be available through the Mint’s official network of gold dealers.

Back of the 2022 edition of the $ 200 Klondike Gold Rush: 1 ounce 99.999% Pure Gold Coin by Gold Designed by Canadian artist Steve Hepburn. It depicts a wooden lock box marked “Paydirt” in use. And the nails are carefully separated. The reverse and front backgrounds show the precisely engraved structure of the radiation lines that became the defining feature of the gold coins. The security of the coin is enhanced by the unique micro-engraved maple leaf mintmark of the coin, which shows the year number 22 issued.

Mint’s new 5-nine gold coin comes in specially designed, credit card style packaging, with a certificate of purity signed by the coin’s chief appraiser.

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Photos of the new coin can be found here Here.

Mint does not sell gold coins directly to the public, in line with the common distribution model for the world’s largest gold coin issuers. Interested buyers are requested to contact a reputed gold dealer to order new gold coins.

Information about the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is the government agency responsible for printing and issuing coins in circulation in Canada. It is considered one of the largest and most diverse mint in the world. It offers a wide range of specialized, high quality currency products and internationally related services. For more information on Mint and its products and services, visit www.mint.ca. Follow the mint Twitter, Facebook And Instagram.


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